Slovak Dubai Chamber of Commerce (SDCC)

Registered in terms of Act 83/1990 of Code of citizen assembly by the Ministry of the Interior of Slovak Republic (next only SDCC)


Chamber of Commerce (SDCC) is an independent association of natural persons and legal entities. Is establieshed to support trade and economic relations of Slovak and Dubai business entities. SDCC practices its activities in entire Slovakia territory. SDCC is a nonproffit organisation. Each member of SDCC – excludind the members without woting rights - the right to vote and join sittings of general assembly in person or by his representative. Each member of SDCC with voting right or his representative has one vote. All legal entities aplying for SDCC membership must declare names and addresses of their representatives. The representatives don’t need to be citizen of neither Slovak Republic or Dubai. Any changes concerning the representatives must be declared to the SDCC in written. Each member of SDCC or his representative may vote for agenda in written (delivered to the SDCC in advance), if not able to attend the sitting, or ad hoc by authorized delegated person, which will vote in his name and following his instructions. Such authorization shall be delivered to SDCC Secretariat at least 24 hour prior to poll opening, or the authorized person won’t be allowed to vote. Each member of SDCC has the right to apply for board and/or presidium membership or any other position in SDCC bodies.


Main goals of SDCC are:

  • Supporting the development of Slovak/Dubai social, economic and trade relations. Presenting, advertising, coordinating and protecting social, economic and professional interests of SDCC members mainly in Dubai, the Slovak Republic and on international level in general.
  • Assisting in international contacts and information sharing among SDCC members
  • Informing SDCC members about SDCC activities, as well as the most important events related to Dubai – Slovak relations.
  • • Facilitating contacts of Slovak and Dubai businesses, of Dubai citizens and Slovak institutions, of Slovak citizens and Dubai institutions.
  • Developing relations of Slovak and Dubai institutions and authorities.
  • The SDCC will provide its members with:
    • Information and documents.
    • Collected economic, trade and statistic information.
    • Delivery of professional technical magazines on demand.
    • Actualized legal regulations related to foreign commerce and all amendments, which might be of members’ interest.
    • Sharing contacts to representatives of companies involved in import/export, selecting/advising business agents and providing business solvency reports.
    • Assembling and publishing economic informational bulletins, spreading information by all media now and in the future.
    • Assisting, intervening and introducing into professional sphere.
    • Providing necessary administrative work and formalities making the establishment of Slovak - Dubai business partnerships easier.
    • Protecting and supporting members in their business activities.
    • Advising in the field of representation, compensation, representative bodies, participation, partnerships and joint-ventures.
    • Arranging meetings and contacts in both directions.
    • Hosting and delegating business and enterprise missions.
    • Hosting Slovak delegations and missions in Dubai and Dubai delegations and missions in Slovak Republic.


SDCC Board:

  • PhDr. Radoslav Dovjak, Executive director
  • Ing. Pavol Dolhý, President
  • Karol Sereday, Vice President
  • Martina Briksiová, Board member
  • PhDr. Ondrej Srebala, CSc., Member


For further inquiries don‘t hesitate to contact us:

Ambroseho 8
851 02 Bratislava
Slovak republic
Tel.: +421903708156
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Phone: +971505758243